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Landscaping at Kukla

  • September 15, 2016
  • Robin Snape

Project engineer Didem Cavuşoğlu setting up levelling gear

Digging in process viewed from the dam

Two of the three islands

Damla Beton and Tony Martin with excavator operator

Robin and Tony leveling the height of the islands

Diggers completing the work

Diggers completing the work

Between 8th and 12th October, three large islands were created at Köprülü reservoir as part of the Kukla Wetlands project.

Wetland consultant Tony Martin supervised the work from start to finish. Project partners Beyamadu Municipality provided excavators, operators, an engineer and levelling gear to allow the height of the islands to be built according to the maximum water level.

The purpose of the islands is to provide resting habitat for migrant water birds and to provide optimum conditions to promote breeding ducks and waders. With the exception of drought, stray dogs pose the greatest threat to birds using the site. Dogs perpetually harass birds so they are unable to undertake the vital feeding which is required for them to complete their migrations. Potential breeders are prevented from settling and nests and young are subject to predation. When water levels rise the islands will be surrounded by deep water, and thus inaccessible to dogs and foxes.    

For more information, visit the Kukla Wetlands site here.

For relevant press coverage on the project and accacia clearance please visit our press releases page.

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