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Illegal Hunting in North Cyprus 2017

  • January 15, 2018
  • Özgür Gökaşan

Ambelopoulia (Blackcap: Sylvia atricapilla) caught on mist net by Robin Snape

Illegal hunting gear collected during investigations by Damla Beton

Illegal hunting gear collected during investigations by Damla Beton

In Autumn 2017 we upped our game and made dedicated surveys to target illegal trapping, the first in nearly a decade.

6 surveys were made at night in the Koruçam, Pergama, Famagusta and Iskele areas. Police were called to two active rides where blackcap tape lures were playing on a loop. The response of police was insufficient to lead to any arrests. Consequently, over 200 m of mist net, around 100 mist netting poles, three portable MP3 players, one car stereo and a 12 volt battery are removed and destroyed during subsequent surveys.

Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) also found and removed considerable trapping gear during spring and autumn surveys. Given that our combined surveys were very limited in their scale and intensity, the results provide the first indication that illegal trapping in northern Cyprus is occurring at an industrial level. We are in a better position to continue surveys in targeted areas to assess the extent of trapping more formally.

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