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Illegal Hunting

  • January 3, 2017
  • Robin Snape

Mist nets in Karpaz

Mist nets in Karpaz

Robin caught on lime stick, North Coast

Black Redstart on a lime stick, North Coast

Blackbird on a lime stick, North Coast

Shot, Bonelli’s Eagle

Xray of shot Bonelli’s Eagle

Black-bellied Sandgrouse shot in Taşlıca, Karpaz. Credit Hüseyin Yorgancı.

During the Summer crow hunt two adult Bonelli’s Eagles were found shot. One died of its injuries and another was successfully rehabilitated and released by KUŞKOR, after it was found by The Hunters Federation and handed to Lefkoşa vet Tayfun Çanakcı. A short docuclip about this case can be viewed here. A third Bonelli’s Eagle was shot during the Autumn hunt. Two Hen Harriers, a Long-legged Buzzard,a Black-Crowned Night Heron, three Stone Curlew, a Yellow-legged Gull and two Barn Owl were shot during the the Autumn hunt. On the last day of the Autumn hunt, December 28th, six Black-bellied Sandgrouse were shot in three locations, all in the Karpaz region.

During the autumn, active mist net rides were stumbled upon in Karpaz and in the Beşparmak mountains and lime sticks were found on the North Coast. Lime sticks were active and were in a location where mist nets had been discovered previously. Mist net rides were on poles anchored in permanent fixtures.

All of the shot birds were found and reported by members of the public. KUŞKOR are currently rehabilitating a second shot Long-legged Buzzard and a shot Peregrine Falcon.

Little effort has been made to quantify the magnitude of illegal hunting or trapping in North Cyprus and these casual observations probably indicate a broader issue which requires more detailed research and monitoring.

Every report on illegal hunting provides valuable information towards monitoring. Please contact us with any reports of illegal hunting or trapping. 

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