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Local Outreach

  • November 20, 2016
  • Robin Snape

Damla presenting at TMK

Damla presenting at the Open Door Festival

College students gathered at the KUŞKOR stall

Processing a kingfisher with TED College pupils

Bluethroat ringed with TED college pupils

Ringing a Bluethroat

Explaining bird migration to TED college pupils

TED college pupils at the ringing site behind their school

Ringing site behind TED college

On September 30th 2016, KUŞKOR’s Damla Beton and Robin Snape manned a stall and set up mist nets at Büyük Han in the old city of central Nicosia, as part of the EU Civic Space’s “Open Door Festival”. Information and practical demonstrations were given to hundreds of Cypriot college students, who passed through the event in groups, on the study of ornithology for conservation, climate change and the problem of illegal trapping on Cyprus.

On October 21st 2016, Damla Beton gave a presentation on biodiversity and conservation to pupils of Nicosia TMK (grammar school).

On November 14th, 15 pupils from TED College in Nicosia attended a ringing demonstration at a wetland bordering their school complex, organized by KUSKOR Bird Ringing Scheme. They learned about wetland habitats and biodiversity, ornithology and watched the processing of stunning kingfisher and bluethroat. The students were impressed with the wildlife which was living literally in the back-yard of their school. 

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