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KUŞKOR was in Barcelona for the 11th EBP Meeting

  • November 15, 2017
  • Olkan Ergüler

Visiting a Bonelli's Eagle conservation area by Olkan Ergüler

Birdwatching at Llobregat delta by Olkan Ergüler

Birdwatching at Llobregat delta by Olkan Ergüler

During EBP meeting by Olkan Ergüler

During EBP meeting by Olkan Ergüler

Museu Blau - Meeting Place by Olkan Ergüler

Famous Paela by Olkan Ergüler

by Olkan Ergüler

In 2017 KUŞKOR was kindly invited to the 11th EBP (European Bird Portal) meeting. The EBP is a central database platform for bird observations gathered from multiple web portals around the globe. To find out more, visit A key interest of EBP which gathers information on bird observation across Europe, is to address the underrepresentation of certain geographic regions such as northern Cyprus.

We attended meetings with EBP board members where we met with leading designers and founders of these web platforms. We discussed how best KUŞKOR could contribute to international schemes toward filling the knowledge gap for this area.

Our trip included two excursions guided by the Catalan Ornithological Institute.

Additionally, we took the opportunity to visit other academics and researchers to share experiences of our ongoing efforts to conserve the Bonelli’s Eagle and Audouin's Gull.

We took some time out to do plenty of walking around the city, taste the local foods, talk to the locals.

We were very warmly welcomed and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Barcelona and appreciated the excursions. We thank Grow Civic Programme financed by the European Union for supporting this important visit.

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